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"Heavenly" Decorative Artwork on Canvas - Hammer Time Art

"Heavenly" Decorative Artwork on Canvas

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"Heavenly" Decorative Artwork on canvas. The size is 36" x 36" and created on top quality canvas. The art is also available as an original or a signed limited edition

This is a Tony Hammer decorative wall art for your home or office. This piece has a energetic and motion design aesthetic. The colors streak and overlap, while also being contrasted by subtle color shifts, lines and patterns. The colors of green, magenta, and white are dynamic and striking. Fragments of neutral and bright colors streak and breeze across the surface creating a unique overall piece. It is truly an abstract painting like no other that will enhance your space.

Note: This decorative wall art on canvas is not framed, but comes hang ready with the sides painted black. Framing is unnecessary but up to the preference of the collector.